OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5: Answering the all important question about how the two compare

OnePlus launched its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T yesterday in a launch event held in New York.


he company unveiled the latest smartphone improving on the some of the specifications of its predecessor, the OnePlus 5 while improving the design of the device to bring it up to speed with the near ‘bezel-less’ design trend that has swept across the smartphone market in 2017.

The company has not done any sweeping changes with the 5T and instead, focused on the small improvements and refinements to fix the problems and issues that users had with the OnePlus 5. As mentioned in our first impression, OnePlus 5T is what OnePlus 5 should have been at the launch back in June. With the launch of the OnePlus 5T, one of the most common questions that we have encountered is ‘What is better, OnePlus 5 or the OnePlus 5T?’.

To answer this question, we thought that it is the right to pit both the devices against each other to find out which of the two devices is better. Bear in mind that we’re still not done testing the OnePlus 5T, so we’re currently comparing them only on paper. A real-world test should follow soon.


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